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   Shanghai qinghe machinery co., LTD is located in the northwest of Shanghai green, environmental protection health beautiful and fertile nanxiang industrial park. The company covers an area of 45000 square meters, building area of 20000 square meters. Company to product excellence, the pursuit of excellence in management philosophy; Rely on fulfilling the production capacity and strict and effective detection capabilities to provide clients with stable performance and reliable quality products, and strive for seeking continuously reduce customer usage cost.
   Since 1983, the company founder Mr Li jianguo, conclude a contract for the first production in changqing oilfield, the company is committed to specializing in the production of thousand type hydraulic fracturing car assembly and accessories, such as mud pump valve body seat three varieties. With continuously perfect management system and strict enforcement of the API product quality control procedures. After 30 years of entrepreneurial history. Successively in changqing, the central plains, karamay, shengli, daqing, and northwest, XiNaJu multiple fields such as market. Important suppliers become middle oil industry.
   During 2000, the company investment capital is 28 million set up factories in Shanghai nanxiang industrial park. Subsequent financing capital of 70 million to expand production. And for the world first-class oilfield products supplier. Enterprise construction meet the requirements of the state industrial policies and the Shanghai campus surrounding mainly industrial companies, area supporting facilities complete, reasonable location. Less the pollutants in the process of production, and an effective pollution control measures, to ensure the discharging standard, small impact on the environment, will not change the project area environment functional category. Company resources needed for energy such as water, electricity, area in the inland waters, power resources such as energy supply condition is better. By early 2012, the company's foreign trade marketing output value reached 15 million dollars, up to more than 600 specifications of products.
   The company has always been to customer demand as the center, strengthening technological innovation, marketing innovation and management innovation. With high quality products, perfect service and sincere attitude for the company's core strength to win customers trust.
   Company shaping, development, and guide people to the dominant culture; Establish common concern enterprise production quality, production cost and market competitiveness of the enterprise values; Combining economic and cultural factors. To push the reform of enterprise innovation; Continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.
   Companies relying on international advanced ERP management software, enhance the modern management system and advanced technology. Gradually promote the enterprise to the intensive, fine, the agility, flexibility, scientific, standardized, and standardization. The qinghe enterprise operation and management to reduce costs, establish the market competitive advantage.
   Qinghe enterprise with its advanced management concept, advanced production technology, first-class products, the deep corporate culture. To lay a solid foundation for fast into the international market.